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Complement Factor B

A glycine-rich, heat-labile serum glycoprotein that contains a component of the C3 CONVERTASE ALTERNATE PATHWAY (C3bBb). Bb, a serine protease, is generated when factor B is cleaved by COMPLEMENT FACTOR D into Ba and Bb.

Year introduced: 1999(1978)

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Tree Number(s): D08.622.200, D08.811.277.656.300.760.198, D08.811.277.656.959.350.198, D12.776.124.486.274.900, D12.776.811.243.200

MeSH Unique ID: D011415

Registry Number: EC

Entry Terms:

  • Factor B, Complement
  • Complement Factor B, Alternative Pathway
  • Complement Protein B
  • Protein B, Complement
  • C3PA
  • Factor B
  • Properdin Factor B
  • Factor B, Properdin
  • C3 Proactivator
  • Proactivator, C3
  • Complement 3 Proactivator
  • Proactivator, Complement 3
  • Complement Protein Factor B
  • Complement Factor Bb
  • Bb, Complement Factor
  • Factor Bb, Complement
  • Complement Factor B-Derived Fragment Bb
  • Complement Factor B Derived Fragment Bb
  • Properdin Factor Bb
  • Factor Bb, Properdin
  • Bb Fragment of Factor B
  • Complement Factor B Fragment, Bb
  • Properdin Factor Bf F1
  • Properdin Factor Bf
  • Factor Bf, Properdin
  • Complement Factor Ba
  • Factor Ba, Complement
  • Properdin Factor Ba
  • Factor Ba, Properdin

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