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Cerebrovascular Disorders

A spectrum of pathological conditions of impaired blood flow in the brain. They can involve vessels (ARTERIES or VEINS) in the CEREBRUM, the CEREBELLUM, and the BRAIN STEM. Major categories include INTRACRANIAL ARTERIOVENOUS MALFORMATIONS; BRAIN ISCHEMIA; CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE; and others.

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Tree Number(s): C10.228.140.300, C14.907.253

MeSH Unique ID: D002561

Entry Terms:

  • Cerebrovascular Disorder
  • Vascular Diseases, Intracranial
  • Intracranial Vascular Disease
  • Intracranial Vascular Diseases
  • Vascular Disease, Intracranial
  • Intracranial Vascular Disorders
  • Intracranial Vascular Disorder
  • Vascular Disorder, Intracranial
  • Vascular Disorders, Intracranial
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases
  • Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Disease, Cerebrovascular
  • Diseases, Cerebrovascular
  • Brain Vascular Disorders
  • Brain Vascular Disorder
  • Vascular Disorder, Brain
  • Vascular Disorders, Brain
  • Cerebrovascular Occlusion
  • Cerebrovascular Occlusions
  • Occlusion, Cerebrovascular
  • Occlusions, Cerebrovascular
  • Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
  • Cerebrovascular Insufficiencies
  • Insufficiencies, Cerebrovascular
  • Insufficiency, Cerebrovascular

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