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A malignant neoplasm made up of epithelial cells tending to infiltrate the surrounding tissues and give rise to metastases. It is a histological type of neoplasm and not a synonym for "cancer."

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Tree Number(s): C04.557.470.200

MeSH Unique ID: D002277

Entry Terms:

  • Carcinomas
  • Epithelial Neoplasms, Malignant
  • Malignant Epithelial Neoplasms
  • Epithelial Neoplasm, Malignant
  • Malignant Epithelial Neoplasm
  • Neoplasm, Malignant Epithelial
  • Neoplasms, Malignant Epithelial
  • Epithelial Tumors, Malignant
  • Epithelial Tumor, Malignant
  • Malignant Epithelial Tumor
  • Malignant Epithelial Tumors
  • Tumor, Malignant Epithelial
  • Epithelioma
  • Epitheliomas
  • Carcinoma, Undifferentiated
  • Undifferentiated Carcinoma
  • Undifferentiated Carcinomas
  • Carcinoma, Anaplastic
  • Anaplastic Carcinoma
  • Anaplastic Carcinomas
  • Carcinoma, Spindle-Cell
  • Carcinoma, Spindle Cell
  • Spindle-Cell Carcinoma
  • Spindle-Cell Carcinomas
  • Carcinomatosis
  • Carcinomatoses

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