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B7-1 Antigen

A costimulatory ligand membrane glycoprotein that contains a V2 type and C2 IMMUNOGLOBULIN DOMAIN and is expressed by ANTIGEN-PRESENTING CELLS. It binds to CTLA-4 ANTIGEN with high specificity and to CD28 ANTIGEN with low specificity. The interaction of CD80 with CD28 ANTIGEN provides a costimulatory signal to T-LYMPHOCYTES, while its interaction with CTLA-4 ANTIGEN may play a role in inducing PERIPHERAL TOLERANCE.

Year introduced: 2018 (1991)

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Tree Number(s): D12.776.467.150.100, D12.776.543.095.100, D23.050.301.285.100, D23.529.168.100

MeSH Unique ID: D018122

Entry Terms:

  • B7 1 Antigen
  • CD80 Antigen
  • CD80 Antigens
  • B7-1 Ligand
  • B7 1 Ligand
  • Ligand, B7-1
  • B7-1 Costimulatory Molecule
  • B7 1 Costimulatory Molecule
  • Costimulatory Molecule, B7-1
  • Antigen, B7-1
  • Antigen, B7 1
  • B-Cell Activation Antigen
  • B Cell Activation Antigen
  • Antigens, CD80

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