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Lewis X Antigen

A trisaccharide antigen expressed on glycolipids and many cell-surface glycoproteins. In the blood the antigen is found on the surface of NEUTROPHILS; EOSINOPHILS; and MONOCYTES. In addition, Lewis X antigen is a stage-specific embryonic antigen.

Year introduced: 2018 (1990)

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Tree Number(s): D23., D23.050.301.264.900.050, D23.050.301.264.965.500, D23.050.301.290.544.059, D23.050.550.325.050, D23.050.705.230.544.059, D23.101.100.900.050, D23.

MeSH Unique ID: D016256

Entry Terms:

  • Antigen, Lewis X
  • X Antigen, Lewis
  • CD15 Antigen
  • CD15 Antigens
  • Antigens, CD15
  • Lewis X Hapten
  • X Hapten, Lewis
  • Hapten X
  • 3 alpha-Fucosyl-N-Acetyl Lactosamine
  • 3 alpha Fucosyl N Acetyl Lactosamine
  • Leu-M1 Antigens
  • Leu M1 Antigens
  • SSEA-1
  • SSEA-1 Determinant
  • SSEA 1 Determinant
  • Stage-Specific Embryonic Antigen-1
  • Embryonic Antigen-1, Stage-Specific
  • Stage Specific Embryonic Antigen 1
  • Le(X) Antigen
  • Galbeta(1-4)Fucalpha(1-3)GlcNAc
  • SSEA 1

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