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Anal Canal

The terminal segment of the LARGE INTESTINE, beginning from the ampulla of the RECTUM and ending at the anus.

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Tree Number(s): A03.556.124.526.070, A03.556.249.249.070

MeSH Unique ID: D001003

Entry Terms:

  • Anal Sphincter
  • Anal Sphincters
  • Sphincter, Anal
  • Sphincters, Anal
  • Anal Gland, Human
  • Human Anal Gland
  • Human Anal Glands
  • Anal Glands, Human
  • Anal Gland
  • Internal Anal Sphincter
  • Anal Sphincter, Internal
  • Internal Anal Sphincters
  • Sphincter, Internal Anal
  • External Anal Sphincter
  • Anal Sphincter, External
  • External Anal Sphincters
  • Sphincter, External Anal
  • Detrusor External Sphincter
  • Detrusor External Sphincters
  • Sphincter, Detrusor External
  • Anus

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