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An essential amino acid that is necessary for normal growth in infants and for NITROGEN balance in adults. It is a precursor of INDOLE ALKALOIDS in plants. It is a precursor of SEROTONIN (hence its use as an antidepressant and sleep aid). It can be a precursor to NIACIN, albeit inefficiently, in mammals.

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Tree Number(s): D12., D12.125.142.875

MeSH Unique ID: D014364

Registry Number: 8DUH1N11BX

Entry Terms:

  • Levotryptophan
  • L-Tryptophan
  • L Tryptophan
  • Tryptophan Metabolism Alterations
  • Tryptan
  • Tryptacin
  • Trofan
  • Ardeydorm
  • Ardeytropin
  • L-Tryptophan-ratiopharm
  • L Tryptophan ratiopharm
  • ratio-Tryptophan
  • ratio Tryptophan
  • Lyphan
  • Naturruhe
  • PMS-Tryptophan
  • PMS Tryptophan
  • Optimax

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