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MEDLINE Publisher Portal

Participation in MEDLINE is open to any life sciences journal that meets NLM's standards for the database. Journals must successfully pass both a Scientific Quality Review and a Technical and Indexing Requirements Check to be indexed in MEDLINE.

Prior to applying

Review a list of the application questions you will be asked to answer here: MEDLINE Publisher Portal Questions.

Publishers are encouraged to read through the following documentation before submitting an application.

Starting an application

If you would like to submit and group applications together under an existing MyNCBI account, you can Sign In before starting your application. Otherwise, select ‘Start new application’ to begin an application without logging into an existing account.

Upon starting a new application, you will receive an email with a link to access and edit the application.

If you are an existing publisher with an account that is used to access other NLM Literature Database tools (e.g., PMC Deposit Tracking System, PubMed Data Management) please Sign In with your MyNCBI account.

Advantages of the Sign In option for multi-journal publishers include:

  • Viewing a list of all unsubmitted applications.
  • Viewing a list of all applications currently under review.
  • Starting a new journal application without having to resupply your detailed publisher information.
  • Regularly updating your publisher information.

After submission

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your application's status page, regardless of whether you opt to sign in.