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Estrogenic preparation

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Hormone; Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance
Synonyms: Agents, Estrogenic; Agonists, Estrogen Receptor; Compounds, Estrogenic; Estrogen; Estrogen Receptor Agonists; Estrogenic Agents; Estrogenic Compounds; Estrogens; Receptor Agonists, Estrogen
SNOMED CT: Estrogenic preparation (61946003); Estrogenic drug (61946003); Estrogen product (61946003); Estrogen (41598000)


A class of natural or synthetic hormones that binds to a cytoplasmic receptor and initiates translocation of the hormone-receptor complex to the nucleus of target cells of tissues rich in estrogen receptors, including the endometrium, myometrium, oviduct, vagina, fallopian tube, cervix, brain, liver, placenta, ovarian cells, Leydigs cells, kidney, prostate, pancreas, heart, and skin. (NCI) [from NCI]

Recent clinical studies


Pfeffer RI
Am J Epidemiol 1977 Jan;105(1):21-9. PMID: 188333

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