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Thyroid carcinoma

A carcinoma arising from the thyroid gland. It is usually an adenocarcinoma and includes the following main subtypes: follicular, papillary, medullary, poorly differentiated, and anaplastic. [from NCI]

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Neoplastic Process

Carcinoma of colon

Lynch syndrome is characterized by an increased risk for colorectal cancer (CRC) and cancers of the endometrium, stomach, ovary, small bowel, hepatobiliary tract, urinary tract, brain, and skin. In individuals with Lynch syndrome the following lifetime risks for cancer are seen: CRC: 52%-82% (mean age at diagnosis 44-61 years). Endometrial cancer in females: 25%-60% (mean age at diagnosis 48-62 years). Gastric cancer: 6%-13% (mean age at diagnosis 56 years). Ovarian cancer: 4%-12% (mean age at diagnosis 42.5 years; ~30% are diagnosed < age 40 years). The risk for other Lynch syndrome-related cancers is lower, though substantially increased over general population rates. [from GeneReviews]

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Neoplastic Process

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