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Linear IgA dermatosis

Autoimmune disease characterized by subepidermal blisters and linear deposition of autoantibodies at the dermoepidermal junction. The accumulated autoantibodies are of IMMUNOGLOBULIN A and occasionally IMMUNOGLOBULIN G classes against epidermal BASEMENT MEMBRANE proteins. The dermatosis is sometimes associated with malignancies and use of certain drugs (e.g., VANCOMYCIN). [from MeSH]

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Disease or Syndrome

Congenital laryngeal abductor palsy

Laryngeal abductor paralysis with inspiratory stridor, swallowing difficulty, asphyxia, and mental deficiency. Adductor laryngeal paralysis (OMIM 150270) is a variant in which hoarseness from birth appears to be the only symptom. Terms familial vocal cord dysfunction and laryngeal abductor paralysis are also used as the synonyms for the Plott syndrome which is transmitted as an X-linked trait. [from MCA/MR]

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Congenital Abnormality

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