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Deafness, autosomal recessive 1A(DFNB1A)

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Disease or Syndrome
Synonyms: Connexin 26 deafness; Deafness nonsyndromic, Connexin 26 linked; DFNB 1 Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss and Deafness; DFNB1A; GJB2-related deafness; GJB2-Related DFNB 1 Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss and Deafness; GJB6-Related DFNB 1 Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss and Deafness; Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss and Deafness, DFNB1
Modes of inheritance:
Autosomal recessive inheritance
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Intellectual Product
Sources: HPO, OMIM, Orphanet
A mode of inheritance that is observed for traits related to a gene encoded on one of the autosomes (i.e., the human chromosomes 1-22) in which a trait manifests in homozygotes. In the context of medical genetics, autosomal recessive disorders manifest in homozygotes (with two copies of the mutant allele) or compound heterozygotes (whereby each copy of a gene has a distinct mutant allele).
Digenic inheritance
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Genetic Function
Source: HPO
A type of multifactorial inheritance governed by the simultaneous action of two gene loci.
Autosomal recessive inheritance (HPO, OMIM, Orphanet)
Genes (locations): GJB2 (13q12.11); GJB3 (1p34.3); GJB6 (13q12.11)
OMIM®: 220290


Nonsyndromic hearing loss and deafness (DFNB1) is characterized by congenital non-progressive mild-to-profound sensorineural hearing impairment. No other associated medical findings are present. [from GeneReviews]

Clinical features

Sensorineural hearing loss
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Disease or Syndrome
Hearing loss resulting from damage to the COCHLEA and the sensorineural elements which lie internally beyond the oval and round windows. These elements include the AUDITORY NERVE and its connections in the BRAINSTEM.
Vestibular dysfunction
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An abnormality of the functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

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