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Hypermanganesemia with dystonia 1(HMNDYT1)

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Disease or Syndrome
Synonyms: Dystonia/Parkinsonism, Hypermanganesemia, Polycythemia, and Chronic Liver Disease; Hepatic Cirrhosis, Dystonia, Polycythemia and Hypermanganesemia; HMNDYT1
Gene (location): SLC30A10 (1q41)
OMIM®: 613280


The disorder dystonia/parkinsonism, hypermanganesemia, polycythemia, and chronic liver disease is characterized by the following: A movement disorder resulting from manganese accumulation in the basal ganglia. Whole-blood manganese concentrations that often exceed 2000 nmol/L (normal: <320 nmol/L). Polycythemia. Hepatomegaly with variable hepatic fibrosis/cirrhosis. Neurologic findings can manifest: in childhood (ages 2-15 years) as four-limb dystonia, leading to a characteristic high-stepping gait ("cock-walk gait"), dysarthria, fine tremor, and bradykinesia or on occasion spastic paraplegia; or in adulthood as parkinsonism (shuffling gait, rigidity, bradykinesia, hypomimia, and monotone speech) unresponsive to L-dopa treatment. Hepatic failure, secondary complications of cirrhosis, and the neurologic disorder shorten life expectancy. [from GeneReviews]

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