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The effects of gamma-oryzanol supplementation during resistance exercise training.

Randomized controlled trial
Fry AC, et al. Int J Sport Nutr. 1997.


To determine the effectiveness of gamma-oryzanol supplementation, weight-trained males were randomly divided into supplemented (G-O) and control placebo (Con) groups. The G-O group ingested 500 of gamma-oryzanol according to manufacturer's instructions. Test batteries were administered before (T1), after 4 weeks (T2), and after 9 weeks (T3) of a periodized resistance exercise program. Both groups demonstrated significant increases in 1 repetition maximum muscular strength (bench press and squat) and vertical jump power, with no differences between the groups. No differences between groups were observed for measures of circulating concentrations of hormones (testosterone, cortisol, estradiol, growth hormone, insulin, beta-endorphin), minerals (calcium, magnesium), binding protein (albumin), or blood lipids (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol). Resting cardiovascular variables decreased similarly for both groups. These data suggest that 9 weeks of 500 of gamma-oryzanol supplementation does not influence performance or related physiological parameters in moderately weight-trained males.


9407258 [Indexed for MEDLINE]

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