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Prone positioning decreases episodes of hypoxemia in extremely low birth weight infants (1000 grams or less) with chronic lung disease.

McEvoy C, et al. J Pediatr. 1997.


Extremely low birth weight infants with chronic lung disease (CLD) have frequent episodes of desaturation (hypoxemia). We quantified oxygenation and episodes of hypoxemia in 55 infants (birth weight < or = 1000 gm) with CLD in the supine versus prone position, for 1-hour time intervals. Oxygen saturation was measured with the Nellcor N-200 pulse oximeter and a computer program. Prone positioning increased oxygen saturation from 92.0% to 94.1% (p < 0.001) and significantly decreased episodes of hypoxemia to oxygen saturation levels of less than 90%, 85%, and 80% (p < 0.001). Our findings support prone positioning for the extremely low birth weight infant with CLD in an intensive care setting.


9042137 [Indexed for MEDLINE]

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