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[Post-tubal ligation syndrome].

Review article
Satoh K, et al. Ryoikibetsu Shokogun Shirizu. 1993.



Post-tubal ligation syndrome includes pain during intercourse, aching lower back, premenstrual tension syndrome, difficulty in menstruating, uterine hemorrhage, and absence of menstruation. The syndrome is caused by blood circulation problems in and around the Fallopian tubes and ovaries, pressure on nerves, and intrapelvic adhesion. Differentiating between this syndrome and endometritis during diagnosis and differentiating between functional hemorrhage due to hormonal abnormality and anatomical hemorrhage due to polyp or tumor is very important. Since the symptoms of this syndrome are mild, simple symptomatic treatment is sufficient in most cases. In some cases, however, desquamation surgery or reversal of tubal ligation may be necessary. Endoscopic surgery is also available. In Japan, because of widespread use of condoms and IUDs, tubal ligation is not very common.


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