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[The effect of gamma-oryzanol on rat pituitary hormone secretion (author's transl)].

Yamauchi J, et al. Nihon Naibunpi Gakkai Zasshi. 1980.


gamma-oryzanol (gamma-OZ), a ferulic acid ester of triterpene alcohol, was investigated with regard to its effect on pituitary LH, GH, prolactin and TSH secretion in normal male (M) and ovariectomized female (OVX) rats. gamma-OZ showed a suppressive tendency of LH by a single intravenous injection and also markedly reduced the LH release induced by LHRH when compared with only vehicle-dosed control groups in M and OVX rats. Serum prolactin release induced by TRH was markedly suppressed by 6 days pretreatment with gamma-OZ in OVX rats. These data suggest that gamma-OZ is a potent inhibitor of LH release and may be a weak inhibitor of prolactin in rats.


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Article in Japanese.