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The Influence of Intraoperative Technology on Neurosurgery Training.

Ho A, et al. Cureus. 2019.


Background Intraoperative technology (IOT) is an expanding field designed to produce better patient outcomes and decrease iatrogenic injury. Neurosurgical residents often encounter these machines in the operating room. Therefore, our primary objective was to assess the influence of IOT on neurosurgery residents' surgical skills and training. Methods An electronic survey was created and sent to the neurosurgical residency programs in the state of California. The data were collected and analyzed. Results A majority of residents agreed that IOT helps in learning new concepts important for patient safety. 38% agreed that IOT helps to improve the motivation level of residents. 35% agreed that IOT makes the resident more productive. 31% felt that IOT helped them refine their surgical skills. 54% did not find IOT too stressful. 34% said that IOT helps in learning new concepts important for patient safety. 50% agree that IOT is a valuable tool in training. 42% affirmed that IOT provides good learning experience for clinical skills and knowledge. Conclusion Surgical training and IOT have evolved substantially over the last decade and resulted in increased intraoperative accuracy. Residents agreed that evolving technology improves surgical skills. Further studies elucidating patient outcomes are warranted.

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