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An Assessment of Cancer Education Needs to Promote Mid-Adult HPV Vaccination Among Male Sexual Minorities.

Wheldon CW, et al. J Cancer Educ. 2019.


The purpose of this study was to assess behavioral expectations and related psychosocial factors regarding an age-expanded human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine schedule among male sexual minorities (MSM). A measure of behavioral expectation (BE) ("How likely are you to get the HPV vaccine if the CDC recommendation was changed to include men older than 26?") was evaluated on an ethnoracially diverse sample (N = 318) of MSM. Sixty-seven percent would likely initiate vaccination if the recommendations change. Benefits of HPV vaccination were widely endorsed. Barriers/harms of vaccination were endorsed less frequently. Only 15.4% were concerned that the vaccine would not be effective. The main driver of BE was perceived physical benefits (R2 = 0.34). Psychological benefits were independently associated with BE but did not improve the explanatory model. Expectation of HPV vaccination is high among MSM in the expanded age range. Prevention of anogenital warts and anal cancer is an important consideration for this population; however, promoting the benefits of vaccination must be done in accordance with realistic expectations of vaccine efficacy in older sexually active MSM.


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