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Sealing of superior semicircular canal dehiscence is associated with improved balance outcomes postoperatively versus plugging of the canal in middle fossa craniotomy repairs: a case series.

Wung V, et al. J Neurosurg. 2019.


OBJECTIVE: The authors compared postoperative symptoms between patients with sealed and those with plugged semicircular canal dehiscence repairs.

METHODS: In total, 136 ears from 118 patients who underwent surgical repair for semicircular canal dehiscence were identified via chart review. Data from postoperative MRI scans showing preservation or loss of semicircular canal fluid signal and postoperative reports of autophony, amplification, aural fullness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, hearing loss, vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium, oscillopsia, and headache were amalgamated and analyzed.

RESULTS: Patients with preservation of fluid signal were far less likely to have dizziness postoperatively (p = 0.007, OR 0.158, 95% CI 0.041-0.611). In addition, these patients were more likely to have tinnitus postoperatively (p = 0.028, OR 3.515, 95% CI 1.145-10.787).

CONCLUSIONS: The authors found that superior semicircular canal dehiscence patients who undergo sealing without plugging have improved balance outcomes but show more tinnitus postoperatively than patients who undergo plugging.


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