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Owners' perception of their dogs' quality of life during and after radiotherapy for cancer.

Serras AR, et al. J Small Anim Pract. 2019.


OBJECTIVES: To determine the owners' perception of dogs' quality of life before, immediately after and 6 weeks after radiotherapy treatments for a variety of neoplasms and assess owner satisfaction over their decision to treat.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Questionnaires were given to owners whose dogs completed a radiotherapy treatment at a referral radiation oncology centre. Questionnaires were given at three time points: before treatment, on the last day of treatment and more than 6 weeks after the treatment was finished. Owners were asked questions regarding their perception of radiotherapy and the quality of life of their pets before, during and after treatment with radiation therapy. Quality of life was scored from 1 (could not be worse) to 10 (could not be better).

RESULTS: Seventy-one owners met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results showed that 6 weeks or more after treatment, most owners were happy that they had chosen to treat their dogs (92%) and would treat another pet again, if indicated (88%). Across the three time points, median quality of life perception score was 9.

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Radiotherapy was well tolerated by owners and dogs in this study. The great majority of clients were happy to have pursued radiotherapy, would choose to do it again (if indicated) and would recommend it to a friend.

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