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A survey-based study identifies common but unrecognized symptoms in a large series of juvenile Huntington's disease.

Moser AD, et al. Neurodegener Dis Manag. 2017.


AIM: The symptoms of Huntington's disease are well known, yet the symptoms of juvenile Huntington's disease (JHD) are less established due to its rarity. The study examined a cluster of symptoms considered to be common, but under-recognized in JHD: pain, itching, sleeping difficulties, psychosis and tics.

MATERIALS & METHODS: A symptom survey was constructed using the online tool Qualtrics and dispersed to JHD caregivers through websites.

RESULTS: A total of 33 surveys were completed. Disrupted sleep was the most prevalent symptom (87%), followed by tics (78%), pain (69%), itching (60%) and psychosis (39%).

CONCLUSION: Despite limitations, the study supports that there are symptoms in the JHD population that are not considered classic, however, are common and significant for patients and caregivers.


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