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The evolution of artificial hair implantation.

Agrawal M, et al. J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2017 APR-JUN.


From the beginning, artificial hair implantation has aroused a lot of interest, sometimes controversial, in the field of hair restoration. The artificial fiber must be of high quality and biocompatible. Biofibre® is a very fine fiber having diameter of 80 m. The standard length of this fiber is 15 or 30 cm, to satisfy multiple patient requests. They are available in 13 colors and 3 different shapes (straight, wavy and curly). Artificial hair implant is indicated in all (male and female) cases of androgenetic alopecia, especially for those who show dismal response to medical therapies and have poor donor area supply for hair transplantation. It has also shown good results to treat scars. One hundred thirty-three cases of androgenetic alopecia were treated with Biofibre® and followed-up for 3 years. A clinical evaluation was carried out after 1 month, 4 months and every other 4 months after the implant. The fiber loss was no more than 10% per year in 91.4% of the cases, 15% in 7.8% of the cases and 20% in 0.8% of the cases. 96.2% of patients declared themselves to be satisfied with the result of the implant while 3.8% declared to be not satisfied. To conclude, modern artificial hair implantation can be considered a safe and easy mode of hair restoration, for male and female patients, especially in donor depleted cases or when an immediate aesthetic result is required.


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