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Lung Cancer in Never-Smoking Women: A Sub-Analysis of the Spanish Female-Specific Database WORLD07.

Viñolas N, et al. Cancer Invest. 2017.


The WORLD07 study characterizes lung cancer in Spanish women. This analysis investigated lung cancer features in never-smoking women. Of 2072 women recruited, 2035 were analyzed. Patient characteristics and demographics were similar for current/former smokers and never smokers. Among never smokers, 38.3% were exposed to passive smoking. Non-small-cell lung cancer was the most common type (78.8% of current/former smokers and 96.1% of never smokers) and adenocarcinoma the most common histology (69.1% and 83.4% respectively). There was a high incidence of lung cancer in Spanish never-smoking women and a high proportion (about 50%) had mutant epidermal growth factor receptor.


28350480 [Indexed for MEDLINE]

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