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A case report of an adolescent with cluster headaches following neck trauma: Coincidence or trigger?

Biedroń A, et al. Neurol Neurochir Pol. 2017 Mar - Apr.


Posttraumatic headaches usually have tension-type or migraine-like characteristics. A correlation between head trauma and cluster headaches (CH) has been previously reported. CH in children are rare and require thorough differential diagnosis. We present an original case of a 15-year-old boy with cluster headaches associated with allodynia probably evoked by a neck trauma. Severe headache attacks started one month after neck trauma. At the beginning clinical presentation of our patient's headaches was very misleading. Headaches were bilateral and associated with infection. Initial diagnosis of sinusitis was made. During further observation headaches have become unilateral with typical for CH associated symptoms and additionally with allodynia. Other causes of secondary CH like cervicogenic headaches, brain tumor and vascular malformation have been excluded. The boy has undergone prophylactic treatment based on flunarizine and gabapentin with good result. Possible pathogenesis of our patient's headaches has been proposed and diagnostic traps discussed.

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