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Lung Cancer in Women with a Family History of Cancer: The Spanish Female-specific Database WORLD07.

Isla D, et al. Anticancer Res. 2016.


BACKGROUND: The WORLD07 project is a female-specific database to prospectively analyze the characteristics of Spanish women with lung cancer.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: We analyzed and compared lung cancer features in women with and without a family history of cancer/lung cancer.

RESULTS: Two thousand and sixty women were included: 876 had a family history of cancer (lung cancer, 34%) and 886 did not, with no significant differences between groups, except for smoking status (p=0.036). We found statistically significant correlations between epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation and smoking status in patients with a family history of cancer (r=-0.211; p<0.001) and lung cancer (r=-0.176; p<0.001). Longer median overall survival was observed in women with a family history of cancer and lung cancer.

CONCLUSION: Among Spanish women with lung cancer, a greater proportion were current smokers in those with a family history of cancer/lung cancer. There was a significant correlation between the presence of EGFR mutation and smoking.

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