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Identification of sake extract as a new anti-melanogenic ingredient by in vitro and clinical trials.

Hwang JA, et al. Nat Prod Commun. 2013.


Overproduction of melanin is the cause of skin hyperpigmentation, which is related to several skin diseases and cosmetic concerns. Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage produced from rice and water by fermentation, but is little known for its effect on melanogenesis. To identify the effect of sake extract on melanin synthesis, a melanin assay was performed in melan-A murine melanocytes. Sake extract treatment significantly inhibited melanin production in a dose-dependent manner, and tyrosinase, the rate-limiting enzyme of melanogenesis, decreased significantly at the protein level. Further investigations were performed with multiple assay systems; a sake extract reduced melanin production in melan-A/SP-1 murine cell co-culture, and also in MelanoDerm, a skin equivalent model of human keratinocytes-melanocytes. Finally, subjects were treated with a formula containing the sake extract. Topical application of the sake extract product improved skin lightness (L*) significantly within 7 days. We identified sake extract as a new anti-melanogenic ingredient through in vitro and in vivo experiments. These results suggest that a sake extract can be used to improve skin hyperpigmentation.


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