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Health risks related to dual use of cigarettes and snus - a systematic review.

Review article
Lee PN. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol. 2014.


Reviews show that using snus (Swedish-type moist snuff) is much safer than smoking, with no increased risk from snus of cancer or circulatory disease yet demonstrated, but have not investigated possible health effects from dual use of cigarettes and snus. This review considers studies where health risks can be compared in dual users, those who only use snus or only smoke, and those who use neither product. The interaction RR, the ratio of RRs associated with snus use in smokers and in non-smokers, was used to test for special effects of dual use. Of 51 interaction RRs presented, only one (for gestational hypertension in a study based on the Swedish Medical Register) was significantly (p<0.05) above 1.0, and RRs below 1.0 were commoner, perhaps as cigarette consumption is lower in dual users than those who only smoke. Dual users more often initiate tobacco use with cigarettes than snus. Dual use is much commoner in adolescents than adults, possibly because many tobacco users try both products, eventually settling on one. Epidemiological evidence from various sources, though suffering from weaknesses, consistently suggests concomitant snus use increases smoking quit rates, and aligns with evidence from RCTs using snus to aid smoking cessation.

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