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One-Step Isothermal Assembly of DNA fragments.

Rodrigues RT, et al. Methods Mol Biol. 2013.


The One-Step Isothermal DNA Assembly method allows for the efficient assembly of DNA constructs using fragments up to several hundred kilobases in as little as 15 min. Applications of this method range from the addition of promoters to expression constructs to the assembly of bacterial genome fragments. The production of circularized DNA using this method also enables the direct transformation of target organisms, bypassing intermediate transformations for plasmid propagation in those species where expression could lead to toxicity and cell death. Variations of the method allow for specific cloning tasks to be performed, as well as the use of microarray slides as a source of DNA. The level of precision and simplicity of this method makes it a valuable tool for most cloning efforts and all levels of proficiency in molecular biology.


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