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Skin-to-skin contact diminishes pain from hepatitis B vaccine injection in healthy full-term neonates.

Randomized controlled trial
Kostandy R, et al. Neonatal Netw. 2013 Jul-Aug.


PURPOSE: This study was conducted to test the hypothesis that skin-to-skin contact (SSC) would reduce hepatitis B vaccine injection pain in full-term neonates.

DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial (RCT).

SAMPLE: Thirty-six mother-;neonate dyads were randomly assigned to SSC or control groups.

MAIN OUTCOMES: Cry time (CT ), behavioral state (BSt), and heart rate (HR ) were measured throughout the 16-minute protocol. HR and BSt were measured every 30 seconds; CT was recorded continuously.

RESULTS: SSC neonates cried less compared with controls (23 vs 32 seconds during injection; 16 vs 72 seconds during recovery), reached calmer BSts sooner (M = 2.8 vs M = 6.5 time points), and trended toward more rapid HR decrease. SSC as described was safe and effective and merits further testing.


23835546 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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