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Identification of a heteromeric complex that promotes DNA replication origin firing in human cells.

Boos D, et al. Science. 2013.


Treslin/TICRR (TopBP1-interacting, replication stimulating protein/TopBP1-interacting, checkpoint, and replication regulator), the human ortholog of the yeast Sld3 protein, is an essential DNA replication factor that is regulated by cyclin-dependent kinases and the DNA damage checkpoint. We identified MDM two binding protein (MTBP) as a factor that interacts with Treslin/TICRR throughout the cell cycle. We show that MTBP depletion by means of small interfering RNA inhibits DNA replication by preventing assembly of the CMG (Cdc45-MCM-GINS) holohelicase during origin firing. Although MTBP has been implicated in the function of the p53 tumor suppressor, we found MTBP is required for DNA replication irrespective of a cell's p53 status. We propose that MTBP acts with Treslin/TICRR to integrate signals from cell cycle and DNA damage response pathways to control the initiation of DNA replication in human cells.


23704573 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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