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Individual determinants of fish choosing in open-air street markets from Santo André, SP/Brazil.

Vasconcellos JP, et al. Appetite. 2013.


The objective of this study was to identify the determinants of fish consumption in the population that attends open-air street markets in the city of Santo André, SP, Brazil.We performed a survey, covering approximately 482 people in 49 street markets.It consisted of free-answer questions, half open choice and half multiple-choice options, for the identification and evaluation of socioeconomic factors that facilitate and hinder fish consumption.A descriptive analysis of the data and further tests were used to determine the association between variables and linearity with consumption, with a significance level of 5%. The most commonly cited types of fish consumed were hake, sardine and dogfish. The factors that facilitate the purchase and consumption of fish are listed as follows: a preference for purchasing fish at street markets, appearance, firmness, fresh presentation, frozen presentation, as well as the respondent's education and individual monthly income. Limiting factors were identified as the price and the presence of spines. Perishability, odour, ethnicity, proximity to points of sale of residence and work, gender, age, number of people in the household, presence of children and acquisition supermarket were not characteristics that influenced decisions about fish consumption.

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