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[Should yellow fever vaccination be recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding?].

Imbert P, et al. Med Trop (Mars). 2010.


Yellow fever vaccine is produced from a live attenuated virus that is contraindicated in case of immunodeficiency and subject to restrictions for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The purpose of this review of available information on yellow fever vaccination during pregnancy and breastfeeding is to assist physicians in making recommendations prior to departure to yellow-fever endemic zones. Regarding pregnancy, there is no evidence to support a major risk of yellow-fever-vaccine-related complications in mothers or children. Although this finding is reassuring, it should be underlined that most reported series have been small. Regarding breastfeeding, the risk was recently confirmed by a report describing vaccine-induced encephalitis occurring in an infant 8 days after primary vaccination of the mother. The final decision to vaccinate depends on whether or not the trip can be postponed. If travel is mandatory, vaccination may be recommended in pregnant women preferably during the first trimester since the immunological response appears to be better at that time. Antibody titer should be checked following delivery. During breastfeeding, vaccination may be performed but breastfeeding must be stopped during the postvaccinal viremia phase. Breastfeeding can be resumed after a 10-day period of formula feeding.


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