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Exercise and the aging mind: buffing the baby boomer's body and brain.

Review article
Marks BL, et al. Phys Sportsmed. 2009.


Among the fears of aging are loss of memory, cognitive decline, and loss of independence. Baby boomers have entered the "aged" cohort and are actively seeking ways to maintain strong bodies and strong minds. Bench to clinical research suggests that keeping physically active and engaged in moderate to vigorous exercise may be vital to brain health. Because exercise promotes neurogenesis, increased brain volume, and improved cognitive function, it can help the aging brain to retain plasticity. However the precise mechanisms by which exercise accomplishes these changes in the brain are not clearly understood. This study argues that "what is good for the heart is good for the brain," although more research is needed to determine the optimal exercise prescription for brain health and successful cognitive aging.


20048497 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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