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Calcium, parathyroids and aging.

Review article
Fujita T. Contrib Nephrol. 1991.


Calcium is unique in its distribution in living organisms with an extremely high hard and soft tissue and extra- intracellular concentration gradient. Calcium deficiency through stimulating parathyroid hormone secretion tends to blunt such a difference by paradoxically increasing the calcium concentration in the soft tissue and intracellular compartment. Since aging is associated with the progressive aggravation of calcium deficiency, such blunting also progresses with aging. The dysfunction, damage and death of cells occurring in all diseases is always associated with a blunting of the extra- and intracellular calcium components. Calcium supplement especially with highly biologically available active absorbable calcium, was associated with the suppression of parathyroid hormone secretion and the normalization of a such blunting of intercompartmental distribution of calcium examples in hypertension and diabetes mellitus with evident improvement of clinical manifestations and laboratory tests.


1959348 [Indexed for MEDLINE]

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