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Treatment strategies in surgery for rheumatoid arthritis.

Review article
Trieb K, et al. Eur J Radiol. 2009.


Rheumatoid arthritis due to the chronic inflammation of the synovial joints leads to permanent articular cartilage and bone damage. Subsequent instability and mutilation of the joint might happen, and the resulting joint pain and stiffness cause impaired function. The degree of damage is traditionally assessed by radiograph and represents a clinical tool for the evaluation of both disease progression and the effectiveness of interventional therapy. The classification of destruction is therefore done with radiograph and the assessment of the clinical picture. Depending on the radiologic stage different therapy concepts, ranging from conservative to operative, are established. It is the goal of surgery to restore motion and function in a painless joint. Surgery can be done to prevent the joint from further destruction or to replace the joint after resection. Different concepts based on radiologic findings are presented in this review.


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