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Multitargeted therapy of cancer by green tea polyphenols.

Review article
Khan N, et al. Cancer Lett. 2008.


Tea ranks second only to water as a major component of fluid intake worldwide and has been considered a health-promoting beverage since ancient times. For the past two decades, we and others have been investigating the potential cancer preventive and therapeutic effects of green tea and its polyphenolic mixture termed GTP. It has become clear that much of these effects of GTP are mediated by its most abundant catechin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Large amount of encouraging data from in vitro and animal models has emerged making clear that green tea is a nature's gift molecule endowed with anticancer effects. Epidemiological and geographical observations suggest that these laboratory data may be applicable to human population. Clinical trials of GTP, especially in prostate cancer patients have yielded encouraging results. This article briefly reviews properties of GTP, especially EGCG with reference to multitargeted therapy of cancer.


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