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Ten-year survival analysis of the PFC total knee arthroplasty--a surgeon's first 99 replacements.

Santini AJ, et al. Int Orthop. 2008.


Ninety-seven patients with 99 total knee arthroplasties were operated on by a surgeon in the first 3 years of his surgical career. Complete survival data were available for all 99 knees. The cases were reviewed at a minimum of 10 years after their initial operation, but as 37 patients had died before reaching 10 years, the average follow-up was 8 years 8 months with a maximum of 12 years 4 months. Ninety-one patients had osteoarthritis, five had rheumatoid arthritis, and three had juvenile chronic arthritis. No patients were lost to follow-up. Four required revision. The 10-year survival rate, using revision for all causes as an end-point, was 94.96%. The survival rate for aseptic loosening was 97.04%. The survival rate for loose joints that had not been revised was 94.13%. Three of the four revisions occurred in the first 6 patients operated upon, suggesting there may be a learning curve for surgeons at this stage in their career.


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