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Sexual orientation and personality.

Lippa RA. Annu Rev Sex Res. 2005.


The relation between sexual orientation and personality was examined in a meta-analysis with a total sample of 2,724 heterosexual men, 799 gay men, 157 bisexual men, 5,053 heterosexual women, 697 lesbian women, and 317 bisexual women. Self-ascribed masculinity-femininity (Self-M-F) and gender-related interests showed the largest heterosexual-homosexual differences (respective ds = .60 and 1.28 for men, and -1.28 and -1.46 for women) and the largest sex differences (respective ds = 2.83 and 2.65). Instrumentality and expressiveness showed much smaller heterosexual-homosexual and sex differences. Big Five traits showed a number of small-to-moderate heterosexual-homosexual and sex differences. Bisexual men were much more like gay men than like heterosexual men in their Self-M-F and gender-related interests, whereas bisexual women were intermediate between lesbian and heterosexual women. Homosexual participants were more variable on some gender-related traits than same-sex heterosexuals were. The gender inversion hypothesis-that gay men's traits tend to be somewhat feminized and that lesbians' traits tend to be somewhat masculinized-received considerable support. Results are discussed in terms of biological and psychosocial theories of gender and sexual orientation.


16913290 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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