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[Schizoid psychosis during cannabis intake (case report)].

Gaszner P, et al. Neuropsychopharmacol Hung. 2004.


Three young people developed psychosis during/ after cannabis intake. The 17-year-old male after only a few marihuana cigarettes, the 22-year-old patient after two years of addiction developed schizoid psychosis; the 20-year-old patient after six years of cannabis addiction had schizoaffective psychosis. The first two patients become symptom-free on the antipsychotics and during the drug-free period. The third patient, who had cannabis during the psychotic symptoms, still has the schizoid psychosis.

CONCLUSIONS: The connection between cannabis and psychosis is clear in our three patients. Marihuana is working on the dopamine system and may cause schizoid psychosis, sometimes permanent psychosis. Cannabis, this light drug might not be a "safe" agent.


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Article in Hungarian.
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