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Comparing permanent tooth sizes (mesio-distal) of males and females in a Nigerian population.

Adeyemi TA, et al. West Afr J Med. 2003.


Two hundred and fifty school children in Ibadan metropolis, comprising of 125 male and 125 females were chosen by modified random sampling to study their tooth sizes (mesiodistal width) and to establish if there is any appreciable sex-difference in their permanent tooth sizes. The teeth measured were selected based on certain criteria. The mesio-distal width of a tooth was recorded as the maximum distance between the tooth sides (proximal) of a tooth on a line parallel to the occlusal and buccal surfaces. The result showed that the male teeth were consistently larger than the female teeth. The summed total maxillary and mandibular arch width of the males were 3.31 mm and 1.37 mm greater than those of the females respectively. The differences in tooth size between males and females have been established.


14696944 [Indexed for MEDLINE]