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Effects of a high-sucrose diet on body weight, plasma triglycerides, and stress tolerance.

Review article
Kanazawa M, et al. Nutr Rev. 2003.


We examine the effects of feeding a high-sucrose diet on body weight gain, plasma triglycerides, and stress tolerance in rats. Feeding a high-sucrose (60%) diet for 2 weeks did not induce a greater body weight gain compared with that of standard diet when caloric intake was similar in ventromedial hypothalamic-lesioned obese and sham-operated lean animals. The high-sucrose diet elevated plasma triglycerides by increasing the triglyceride secretion rate and decreasing the fractional catabolic rate in both groups. In response to stress, feeding a high-sucrose diet for one week induced enhanced gene expressions of heat shock proteins (HSP 70 and 27) and suppressed NOx production in the brain, whereas the standard diet did not. Results suggest that feeding a high-sucrose diet does not induce obesity in lean rats or enhance weight gain in obese rats, if caloric intake is appropriate. The diet does elevate plasma triglyerides in lean and obese rats, but it may have the potential to improve stress tolerance.


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