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An Association Between Varying Degrees of Hypothyroidism and Hypercholesterolemia in Women: The Thyroid-Cholesterol Connection.

Feld S, et al. Prev Cardiol. 2001.


Evidence of an association between subclinical hypothyroidism and cardiovascular disease is mounting. The impact of thyroid hormone on lipid levels is primarily mediated through triiodothyronine (T(3))-bound thyroid protein binding and activation of the promoter regions of the low-density lipoprotein receptor and 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A-reductase genes, leading to a reduction in serum cholesterol levels. Thus, the decreased T(3) seen in hypothyroidism may result in increased serum cholesterol. Although a clear correlation exists between overt hypothyroidism and clinically significant hypercholesterolemia, there is a logarithmic relationship between thyroid-stimulating hormone and cholesterol, and the effects of subclinical hypothyroidism on cardiovascular disease are under debate. However, current data suggest that normalizing even modest thyroid-stimulating hormone elevations may result in improvement in the lipid profile.

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