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Submit Sequences

How do I submit virus sequences?

Before you submit your data, determine the submission type and submission tool appropriate for that type.

  1. For Influenza virus A, B or C, Norovirus and Dengue virus, use Submission Portal - online wizard submission tool that provides immediate validation and feedback and adds coding region and gene annotation for you. We plan to add other viruses in the future.

  2. For all other complete or partial Viral Genomes use Bankit or tbl2asn.

    • Bankit - web-based submission tool that provides forms for you to fill in the information necessary to submit your data.

    • tbl2asn - command line program that generates a valid submission from formatted files that contain the relevant sequence(s), source metadata, and annotation tables.

  3. For unassembled sequence reads from a viral sample, a metagenome, or a metatranscriptome use Sequence Read Archive (SRA). SRA accepts genetic data and the associated quality scores produced by next generation sequencing technologies.

Please, find an overview on how to submit virus sequences in this handout.

You can find more details on the submission process and requirements in the Submission Wizard for Viruses.