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Submit Sequences

Why should I submit virus sequences?

The scientific community depends on sharing data and results, so that we can build from each other’s work. GenBank and the Sequence Read Archive depend on contributors to help keep the databases as comprehensive, current, and accurate as possible. NCBI provides timely and accurate processing and biological review of new entries and updates to existing entries and is ready to assist authors who have new data to submit.

In addition to receiving accessions for publishing manuscripts, sharing sequence data is critical for epidemiological studies, understanding viral pathogenesis, and following FAIR data-sharing principles.

How do I submit virus sequences?

Before you submit your data, determine the submission type and submission tool appropriate for that type.

SARS-CoV-2 sequences

For SARS-CoV-2, GenBank has built a focused resource to make submitting easier at All you need is the sequence in FASTA format and a table of the source metadata.

All other viruses

What do I need in order to submit sequences?

The process and data formats vary somewhat depending on the submission tool you use, but in general here is what you will need:

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