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What is PubMed Labs?

What's new for PubMed mobile?

PubMed Labs is a test site where we are experimenting with new features and tools that eventually may be incorporated in PubMed, in their current or a revised form based on the input we receive. Please try the site and what you think.

PubMed mobile has an updated and improved user interface based on PubMed Labs user feedback and testing. PubMed mobile includes the same 28 million plus citations for biomedical literature as PubMed.

Please visit the Help page for information on how to use this website, and the Features page where we keep track of new functionality.

Highlights of PubMed Labs

  • Cutting-edge search

    PubMed Labs includes a new search algorithm that uses machine learning to more accurately find the best matches.

  • Clean, mobile-first design

    PubMed Labs uses a clean and modern user interface designed to work well on your phone as well as other devices.

  • Article snippets

    To help you identify articles of interest, PubMed labs includes “snippets” – highlights from the article abstract that are related to your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PubMed Labs?
    PubMed Labs is a site we are using to experiment with new features/tools that we think could improve the search quality and usability of PubMed. The site allows users to test these new features and provide us with input so that we can make more informed decisions about potential changes to PubMed and better meet user needs.
  • Why are some PubMed functions (e.g. MyNCBI) missing in PubMed Labs?
    Please note that PubMed Labs includes only a limited set of features, and not the full set of PubMed tools. Fear not – the absence of a PubMed tool in PubMed Labs does not mean it is planned for elimination.
  • How is the PubMed Labs site different from PubMed?
    There are several unique aspects to PubMed Labs, including (1) by default, search results are sorted by best match (in PubMed, the default sort order is by date); (2) a more modern user interface (e.g. a revamped search results page with user search terms highlighted in the title and/or snippets); and (3) better support for mobile devices with a mobile-first and responsive layout (searching and reading articles on your phone is easier and faster).
  • I prefer the date sort option. Is that supported in PubMed Labs?
    Of course! You can readily switch back to the date sort order in PubMed Labs and your preference will be remembered by the system until you change it, use a different computer, or browse incognito.
  • Why do some search results not have snippets?
    Snippets are highlights from the article abstract that are identified based on their relevance to the user query. Snippets may be missing for articles that do not have an abstract or when the abstract does not contain any information matching the user query (e.g. author name searches). If you stumble upon cases where you would expect a snippet, but nothing is displayed, feel free to let us know.
  • How do I suggest a new feature for PubMed Labs or report a problem/bug?
    We invite your feedback – please click here to comment and here for the help page.