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On the Septembre 2005 annotation of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome

239 genes relate directly or indirectly to SL2

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Gene Name Map Clones Description
1aap-1I;-0.3812phosphoinositide 3-kinase AGE-1 AdAPter subunit.
2ace-1X;+22.889abnormal ACEtylcholinesterase, encoding acetylcholinesterase class A precursor.
3ace-2I;-4.045abnormal ACEtylcholinesterase, encoding acetylcholinesterase class B, associates into glycolipid-anchored dimers.
4ace-3II;+23.607abnormal ACEtylcholinesterase, encoding acetylcholinesterase class C, glycolipid-anchored.
5ace-4II;+23.574abnormal ACEtylcholinesterase, encoding acetylcholinesterase class C, serine hydrolase.
6acs-11II;-2.8132acyl-CoA synthetases AMP-acid ligases II.
7adr-2III;-0.7416Double-stranded RNA adenosine-deaminase, editase.
8aex-5I;+27.347aboc, EXpulsion defective, encoding Kex-2 Proprotein Convertase.
9alh-11III;-26.1213aldehyde dehydrogenase ALDH9B1.
10ama-1IV;+0.0532Essential, DNA-directed RNA polymerase II largest subunit, AMAnitin resistant.
11apn-1II;+0.577Essential, apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease.
12aps-1CV;-0.7750Essential, complex locus aps-1C, encoding adaptor-related protein complex 1, sigma 1b subunit and a set of putatively mitochondrial proteins, with coiled coil domains, conserved in bilateria.
13ard-1IV;+5.0824Alcohol/Ribitol Dehydrogenase.
14arx-7I;-4.8841Essential, actin Related protein 2/3 compleX component.
15atf-7III;-2.9467cAMP-dependent Transcription Factor-like.
16bas-1III;-1.6616L-amino acid decarboxylase required for serotonin and dopamine synthesis.
17bli-1II;+2.656Essential, Nematode cuticle collagen, BLIstered cuticle.
18bli-2II;-1.024BLIstered cuticle, encoding Nematode cuticle collagen.
19bli-4I;+1.0047Essential, Kex-2 Proprotein Convertase, subtilisin-like endoprotease, BLIstered cuticle, LEThal let-77.
20byn-1III;-0.9262Essential, mammalian BYstiN (adhesion protein) related.
21cbp-1III;+0.8327Essential, CBP/p300 homolog.
22cdk-1III;+0.7920Essential, Cyclin-Dependent Kinase, cell division control protein CDC2 homolog, Nematode Cell Cycle associated ncc-1.
23ced-3IV;+8.467Essential, cell death protein, Caspase, ICE-like apoptotic protease, CEll Death abnormality.
24ced-4III;-2.3211CEll Death abnormality, encoding cell death protein 4.
25ceh-21X;-16.6518C.Elegans Homeobox, onecut bifunctional homeodomain protein, cut class.
26clk-1III;-1.887CLocK (biological timing) abnormality, encoding COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis enzyme, involved in response to dietary restriction, affects lifespan.
27clr-1CII;-1.3033Essential, complex locus clr-1C, encoding encoding in order receptor tyrosine-phosphatase isoforms, negative regulator of the Fibroblast growth factor receptor EGL-15; probable mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S16 and a nematode specific putative membrane protein, CLeaR, translucent appearance clr-1.
28col-33IV;+0.083COLlagen structural gene.
29col-34IV;+0.033abnormal RAy Morphology ram-4, encoding COLlagen structural gene.
30coq-1I;-0.0211COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis enzyme.
31coq-2III;-0.9211COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis enzyme.
32cpl-1V;+9.4141Essential, CathePsin L.
33cpr-3V;+7.308Essential, Cysteine PRotease cathepsin B-like.
34cpr-4V;+0.1437Cysteine PRotease related.
35cpr-5V;-20.1843Cysteine PRotease cathepsin B-like.
36cpr-6X;-2.8730Cysteine PRotease related.
37cps-6I;-1.307CED-3 Protease Suppressor, encoding similar to endonuclease G.
38csn-2I;+0.6671Essential, Constitutive photomorphogenic COP9 SigNalosome subunit.
39cua-1III;+20.9724Essential, Cu++-ATpase, copper transporter, P-type ATPase similar to human Menkes disease-associated protein.
40cux-7ANDclk-2III;-0.5718Essential, complex locus cux-7ANDclk-2, encoding clk-2 Upstream protein, human gene XE7 related and putative telomere binding protein CLK-2, a telomere length regulation and DNA damage response protein, CLocK (biological timing) abnormality clk-2, RADiation sensitivity abnormal/yeast RAD-related rad-5, Clk-2 Upstream, human gene XE7 related cux-7.
41cyn-9III;-5.675CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
42cyn-12IV;+3.711CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
43cyn-13IV;+16.1618CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
44cyn-14I;+2.9710CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
45cyp-44A1AND2F797II;-1.2531complex locus cyp-44A1AND2F797, encoding cytochrome P450 and nematode specific protein with a coiled coil domain, these two genes overlap through their 3' and 5' UTRs.
46dbr-1I;+1.1515Essential, RNA lariat DeBRanching enzyme.
47deg-1X;-0.983gain of function leads to DEGeneration of certain neurons, encoding putative ion channel.
48des-2ANDdeg-3V;+3.169complex locus des-2ANDdeg-3, gain of function leads to DEGeneration of certain neurons deg-3, DEgeneration Suppressor des-2, encoding nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit.
49dhp-1I;+1.8810ancestor of CRMP and dihydropyrimidinase, dihydroorotase family.
50dhs-6CII;-1.0742complex locus dhs-6C, encoding DeHydrogenase, Short chain.
51dhs-22V;+6.2311DeHydrogenase, Short chain.
52dnj-2IV;+5.208DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein).
53dnj-9CII;-2.5519Essential, complex locus dnj-9C, encoding DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein).
54dom-3I;-0.516Downstream Of Mes (in same operon), protein similar to human HLA class III.
55dom-6IV;+4.464cyclin-dependent kinase regulatory subunit, downstream Of Mes-6, in same operon.
56dpf-4III;-1.5319Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family.
57dpf-5IV;+1.2940Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family.
58dpf-7IV;+1.289Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family.
59dpy-5I;0.0016DumPY : shorter than wild-type, encoding collagen like precursor.
60dpy-7X;-1.3433DumPY : shorter than wild-type, encoding cuticle collagen.
61dpy-13IV;0.0032DumPY : shorter than wild-type, encoding collagen.
62dpy-21V;+13.2014DumPY : shorter than wild-type, encoding rosbin round spermatid basic protein 1.
63dpy-26IV;+6.6816Essential, X chromosome dosage compensation and meiotic chromosome segregation protein, DumPY : shorter than wild-type.
64dpy-27III;-5.1223Essential, chromosome condensation protein, related to structural maintenance of chromosome SMC4, DumPY : shorter than wild-type.
65dpy-28III;+4.1322Essential, mutant dosage compensation protein DPY-28, similar to XCAP-D2, DumPY : shorter than wild-type.
66dpy-30V;+3.8643Essential, dosage compensation-related protein dpy30 like, DumPY : shorter than wild-type.
67egr-1V;-8.1636EGl-27 Related, metastasis associated 1-like.
68eif-3.FII;+1.3626Essential, Eukaryotic Initiation Factor.
69emb-30III;+0.3721Essential, abnormal EMBryogenesis.
70fem-1IV;+2.3413Essential, feminization 1 homolog a, FEMinization of XX and XO animals.
71fib-1V;+6.9246Essential, FIBrillarin.
72fos-1V;-0.795Essential, basic leucine zipper transcription factor, ortholog of vertebrate fos, promotes basement membrane removal during cell invasion, abnormal Eversion of VuLva evl-5.
73frh-1II;-0.675Essential, FRataxin Homolog.
74frs-3V;+23.7319phenylalanyl tRNA synthetase.
75fut-3II;-1.0114FUcosyl Transferase.
76gck-3V;+13.273Germinal Center Kinase, fray / Ste20 homologue.
77gdi-1IV;+12.91203Rab GDP Dissociation Inhibitor.
78gly-3III;-0.3732GLYcosylation related protein.
79gop-2III;-1.9012Essential, ATP/GTP binding protein, Gro-1 OPeron gene.
80gop-3III;-1.9036Essential, i-51 protein, Gro-1 OPeron gene.
81gpd-1II;+2.2941Essential, Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase.
82gpd-4II;+2.0719Essential, Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase.
83gpi-1I;+19.2372Essential, glucose phosphate isomerase, affects lifespan as part of the insulin/FOXO pathway.
84gro-1III;-1.893abnormal GROwth rate, encoding tRNA isopentenyl transferase, metabolic activity and lifespan regulator.
85gst-1III;+0.0812Glutathione S-Transferase, P subunit.
86hap-1III;-1.903yeast HydroxylAminoPurine sensitivity related.
87her-1V;+2.045HERmaphrodization of XO animals.
88him-1I;-0.5730Essential, Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes, High Incidence of Males.
89him-8IV;+4.851high Incidence of Males.
90hlh-3II;+1.182achaete-scute like, a Helix Loop Helix containing protein interacting with HLH-2.
91hmp-2I;+26.3730Essential, embryonic body elongation factor, Armadillo-like beta-catenin, HuMPback, dorsal lumps, defective body elongation in embryos, MAternal effect Dumpy mad-1.
92hoe-1IV;+1.1710Homolog Of ELAC2 (cancer susceptibility locus).
93hum-2V;+1.9034Heavy chain, Unconventional Myosin.
94icl-1IV;+4.636Essential, ICLn ion channel homolog, nucleotide-sensitive chloride conductance regulator.
95idi-1CIII;-0.3024Essential, complex locus idi-1C, encoding Isopentenyl Diphosphate Isomerase, needed for protein prenylation, affects lysosomes and autophagy, and is possibly required for fusion of cytoplasmic vesicles.
96ife-1III;+20.8291Essential, translation Initiation Factor 4E eIF4E.
97ife-2X;-19.5413translation Initiation Factor 4E eIF4E.
98ife-3V;-20.1027translation Initiation Factor 4E eIF4E.
99ife-4X;-18.762translation Initiation Factor 4E eIF4E.
100ife-5II;+7.124translation Initiation Factor 4E eIF4E.
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