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On the February 2009 annotation of the Caenorhabditis elegans WS190 genome

410 genes relate directly or indirectly to SL2

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Gene Name Map Clones Description
2015N226V;+4.4153putative low density lipoprotein receptor associated protein.
2025O104V;+5.34254spliced coding gene with phenotype 5O104.
2035O305V;+5.560tRNA-nucleotidyl transferase, CCA-adding.
2045O468V;+5.7534spliced coding gene 5O468.
2055O996CHROMOSOME_V6spliced coding gene 5O996.
2075U10V;+21.3244spliced coding gene with phenotype 5U10.
2085V188V;+29.4746patatin-like phospholipase family protein.
209aap-1I;-0.3842phosphoinositide 3-kinase AGE-1 AdAPter subunit.
210abcf-2III;+20.980ABC transporter, class F.
211acdh-4I;+1.2014acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase short branched chain.
212acs-11II;-2.8158putative fatty Acid CoA Synthetase.
213adbp-1II;+3.9451ADR-2 binding protein.
214agt-1IV;+8.92955AlkylGuanine DNA alkylTransferase.
215alh-11III;-26.120predicted gene alh-11, encoding aldehyde dehydrogenase ALDH9B1.
216apn-1II;+0.5725Essential, endonuclease IV, has intrinsic apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease and 3'-diesterase activities; affects base excision repair.
217aps-1CV;-0.78151Essential, adaptor-related protein complex 1, sigma 1b subunit and a set of putatively mitochondrial proteins, with coiled coil domains, conserved in bilateria.
218ard-1IV;+5.08138Alcohol/Ribitol Dehydrogenase.
219ari-1I;+0.69101ariadne family ubiquitin-ligase, functions with UBC-18 to regulate pharyngeal development.
220arm-1+let-767III;-1.28173Essential, sterol modifying enzyme, related to hydroxysteroid hormone dehydrogenase (for the let-767 3' isoforms) and adhesion regulating molecule, Ankyrin-binding Repeat Muscle protein for the 5' forms, LEThal let-767.
221arx-7I;-4.88132Essential, actin Related protein 2/3 compleX component.
222atf-7III;-2.94227cAMP-dependent Transcription Factor-like.
223atgr-7IV;+5.0540autophagy 7, ubiquitin activating enzyme E1-like protein.
224bcs-1II;+0.84807Essential, mitochondrial chaperone bcs1 family member.
225byn-1III;-0.9279Essential, mammalian BYstiN (adhesion protein) related.
226cbp-1III;+0.8359Essential, CBP/p300 homolog.
227cct-7V;-17.3199Essential, chaperonin containing Tcp1.
228cdc-26I;+5.67144Essential, spliced coding gene cdc-26.
229ced-4III;-2.3256CEll Death abnormality, encoding death protein 4.
230ceh-21X;-16.6528C.Elegans Homeobox, onecut bifunctional homeodomain protein, cut class.
231cgt-3II;-0.67112ceramide Glucosyl Transferase.
232cif-1IV;+1.11133COP9/signalosome and eIF3 complex shared subunit.
233clec-82IV;-6.3963C-type LECtin.
234clec-90I;-0.7277Essential, zinc finger, C2H2-type family member.
235clec-145II;+18.195C-type lectin.
236clk-1III;-1.88112CLocK (biological timing) abnormality, encoding COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis enzyme required for lipoprotein metabolim; involved in response to dietary restriction; adversely influences biological rhythms, lifespan and fertility.
237clr-1CII;-1.30118Essential, encoding in order receptor tyrosine-phosphatase isoforms, negative regulator of the Fibroblast growth factor receptor EGL-15; probable mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S16 and a nematode specific putative membrane protein, CLeaR, translucent appearance clr-1.
238cogc-3I;-5.4650Essential, conserved Oligomeric Golgi Component.
239coq-1I;-0.0229COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis enzyme.
240coq-2III;-0.9227COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis enzyme.
241cps-6I;-1.3017CED-3 Protease Suppressor, encoding similar to endonuclease G.
242crls-1III;-25.77869cardiolipin synthase 1.
243csn-2I;+0.6589Essential, Constitutive photomorphogenic COP9 SigNalosome subunit.
244cua-1III;+20.97276Essential, Cu++-ATpase, copper transporter, P-type ATPase similar to human Menkes disease-associated protein.
245cutc-1III;-0.1910CUTC copper homeostasis protein homolog.
246cux-7+clk-2III;-0.5784Essential, clk-2 Upstream protein and putative telomere binding protein CLK-2, a telomere length regulation and DNA damage response protein, CLocK (biological timing) abnormality clk-2, RADiation sensitivity abnormal/yeast RAD-related rad-5.
247cyc-2.1IV;+1.181292CYtochrome C.
248cyn-9III;-5.6718CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
249cyn-12IV;+3.710predicted gene cyn-12, encoding CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
250cyn-13IV;+16.1632CYclophiliN, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase.
251dbr-1I;+1.1424Essential, RNA lariat DeBRanching enzyme.
252dcap-2IV;+9.3523mRNA decapping enzyme 2, NUDIX-type hydrolase, localised in P-bodies and P-granules.
253dct-3V;+4.1021DAF-16/FOXO controlled, germline tumor affecting.
254deg-3V;+3.0815gain of function leads to DEGeneration of certain neurons, encoding nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha subunit precursor family member.
255dhs-6CII;-1.0770DeHydrogenase, Short chain.
256dhs-22V;+6.2352DeHydrogenase, Short chain.
257dnj-2IV;+5.200predicted gene dnj-2, encoding DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein).
258dnj-9CII;-2.5549Essential, DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein).
259dpf-4III;-1.5383Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family.
260dpf-5IV;+1.2950Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family.
261dpf-7IV;+1.280predicted gene dpf-7, encoding dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family.
262egg-3II;+2.8883Essential, protein-tyrosine phosphatase containing Protein family member, EGG sterile (unfertilizable).
263eif-3.FII;+1.36102Essential, Eukaryotic Initiation Factor.
264emb-30III;+0.3747Essential, abnormal EMBryogenesis.
265enol-1II;+1.07453Essential, enolase.
266exos-9III;-0.7660Essential, exosome (multiexonuclease complex) component.
267frh-1II;-0.6711Essential, FRataxin Homolog, loss of function increases sensitivity to oxidative stress, impairs respiration, reduces lifespan, and causes lethality in a mitochondrial complex II mutant.
268frs-3V;+23.7137phenylalanyl tRNA synthetase.
269fut-3II;-1.0141FUcosyl Transferase.
270gck-3V;+13.2620Germinal Center Kinase, fray / Ste20 homologue.
271gdi-1IV;+12.91260Rab GDP Dissociation Inhibitor.
272giyd-1I;-0.2944Essential, excinuclease ABC, C subunit, N-terminal.
273gly-3III;-0.3768GLYcosylation related protein.
274gop-2III;-1.90138Essential, ATP/GTP binding protein, Gro-1 OPeron gene.
275gop-3III;-1.9048Essential, i-51 protein, Gro-1 OPeron gene.
276gosr-1CIII;-0.6777vesicle transport V-SNARE protein and a Golgi snap receptor complex member.
277gpd-1II;+2.29194Essential, Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase.
278gpd-4II;+2.0798Essential, Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase.
279gpdh-2III;+0.9944glycerol-3-Phosphate DeHydrogenase.
280gpi-1I;+19.18175Essential, glucose phosphate isomerase, affects lifespan as part of the insulin/FOXO pathway.
281gro-1III;-1.8933abnormal GROwth rate, encoding tRNA isopentenyl transferase, metabolic activity and lifespan regulator.
282gst-1III;+0.0856Glutathione S-Transferase, P subunit.
283gtl-2IV;+5.1730gon-Two Like, transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M; regulates magnesium homeostasis in the intestine.
284hap-1III;-1.900predicted gene hap-1, encoding yeast HydroxylAminoPurine sensitivity related.
285him-1I;-0.5753Essential, Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes, High Incidence of Males.
286hmp-2I;+26.3037Essential, embryonic body elongation factor, Armadillo-like beta-catenin, HuMPback, dorsal lumps, defective body elongation in embryos, MAternal effect Dumpy mad-1.
287hoe-1IV;+1.1729Homolog Of ELAC2 (cancer susceptibility locus).
288hsp-16.1V;+1.760heat shock protein.
289hsp-16.2V;-17.63105heat shock protein 16.2; expression level at birth predicts longevity; overexpression suppresses in vivo beta amyloid peptide toxicity.
290hsp-16.11V;+1.770heat shock protein.
291hsp-16.41V;-17.6340heat shock protein.
292hsp-16.48V;+1.76421heat shock protein.
293hsp-16.49V;+1.76404heat shock protein.
294hum-2V;+1.8979Heavy chain, Unconventional Myosin.
295icl-1IV;+4.6396Essential, ICLn ion channel homolog, nucleotide-sensitive chloride conductance regulator.
296idi-1CIII;-0.3063Essential, Isopentenyl Diphosphate Isomerase, needed for protein prenylation, affects lysosomes and autophagy, and is possibly required for fusion of cytoplasmic vesicles.
297imp-3IV;+4.1281putative intramembrane protease.
298inx-13I;-2.7182Innexin, putative gap junction protein.
299inx-17I;-1.7922Innexin, putative gap junction protein.
300kin-10I;+2.7081Essential, casein kinase II CRA c.
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