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On the February 2009 annotation of the Caenorhabditis elegans WS190 genome

410 genes relate directly or indirectly to SL2

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Gene Name Map Clones Description
1013G35III;-2.2113cell differentiation protein rcd1.
1023G98III;-2.1415spliced coding gene 3G98.
1033G228III;-2.0057Essential, spliced coding gene 3G228.
1043G472III;-1.8176ubiquinone biosynthesis protein.
1053G553III;-1.750predicted gene 3G553, encoding fumarate reductase.
1063G766III;-1.6340GCN5-related N-acetyltransferase.
1073G783III;-1.6276transcription initiation factor IIA family member.
1083G971III;-1.52180SAC3/GANP/Nin1/mts3/eIF-3 p25.
1093H3III;-1.50124dead DEAH box helicase family protein.
1103H34III;-1.4995cdk5 regulatory associated protein 1.
1113H469III;-1.2528Essential, rna binding protein like.
1123H471III;-1.250Essential, nadh dehydrogenase 1 beta subcomplex 9.
1133H483III;-1.2523SNF2-related and DNA/RNA helicase, C-terminal.
1143H518III;-1.2329Essential, MRP protein pop1.
1153H529III;-1.22103peptidase M16, N-terminal and peptidase M16, C-terminal.
1163H538III;-1.22141electron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase.
1173H551III;-1.2141beta-1 4-mannosyltransferase.
1183H813III;-1.05146hla-b associated transcript 5.
1193I273III;-0.771037Essential, phosphopantetheine attachment site family protein like.
1203I312III;-0.750predicted gene 3I312, encoding degradation in the Endoplasmic Reticulum Derlin 1-like protein 2.
1213I314III;-0.7464heat shock protein 75.
1223I318III;-0.7424Serine/threonine rich protein.
1233I416III;-0.6845spliced coding gene 3I416.
1243I468III;-0.6544Essential, cytokine induced apoptosis inhibitor 1 CRA b like.
1253J104III;-0.3341ancient ubiquitous protein.
1263J337III;-0.2417developmentally regulated gtp binding protein 2 like.
1273J420AND3J416III;-0.2163ribosomal protein S18 and a set of conserved leucine rich repeat containing isoforms, in a parly connected operon.
1283J475III;-0.1935Essential, ATP-binding region, ATPase-like and DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit B, region 2 and DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit A or C-terminal.
1293J530III;-0.1724GJ23857 like.
1303J539III;-0.1711Essential, ribosomal protein L32p.
1313J696III;-0.1238spliced coding gene 3J696.
1323J981III;-0.01168fg-gap repeat family protein.
1333K604III;+0.4634spliced coding gene 3K604.
1343k916III;+0.920predicted gene 3k916, encoding DNA-binding nuclear phosphoprotein p8.
1353L420III;+2.2631transcription factor jumonji.
1363L530III;+2.6513spliced coding gene 3L530.
1373M940III;+11.6728membrane-bound transcription factor.
1383N8III;+12.1897zinc finger protein 593.
1393N715III;+17.6410transcription factor IIA.
1403O351III;+20.63185Essential, leucine rich repeat containing 59 CRA b.
1413O403III;+20.76153cyclin-dependent kinase protein 2 like.
1423O407III;+20.7628WD40 repeat.
1434C727IV;-13.4021tyrosyl-Dna Phosphodiesterase.
1444D482IV;-7.2125protein-tyrosine phosphatase, low molecular weight.
1454E346IV;-2.309uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2365).
1464E482IV;-1.7334short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase SDR.
1484G323IV;+2.3641ariadne 2.
1494H346IV;+3.3065peptidase C78, ubiquitin fold modifier-specific peptidase 1 and 2 family member.
1504H681IV;+3.5589dehydrogenase 1.
1514I472CIV;+4.07177Essential, conserved membrane protein, a ribosomal L10 protein and a combination, in an operon complex.
1524J129IV;+4.4038spliced coding gene with phenotype 4J129.
1534J260IV;+4.4534spliced coding gene 4J260.
1544J500IV;+4.5358Polynucleotide 5'-kinase 3'-phosphatase.
1554J532IV;+4.547spliced coding gene 4J532.
1574J697IV;+4.5915solute carrier family 25 member 26.
1584K419IV;+4.7116copper transporter.
1594L778IV;+5.0168solute carrier family 38 member 9.
1604L842IV;+5.0526zinc finger, C2H2-type.
1614L917IV;+5.0989Essential, DNA/RNA helicase, C-terminal family member.
1624L951IV;+5.1113spliced coding gene 4L951.
1644M94IV;+5.2192Essential, polymerase-associated protein Leo1.
1654M431CHROMOSOME_IV70histidine acid phosphatase.
1664M450IV;+5.5353pumilio RNA-binding region.
1674M891IV;+6.1251zinc finger, DHHC-type.
1684M904IV;+6.1461spliced coding gene 4M904.
1694M906IV;+6.1465spliced coding gene 4M906.
1704M908IV;+6.1569spliced coding gene 4M908.
1714N45IV;+6.3736aminopeptidase 1, structurally related to mammalian leukotriene A4 hydrolases.
1724N998IV;+8.5537periodic tryptophan protein 1.
1734O11IV;+8.5827cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein Cox11.
1744O56IV;+8.7128kelch repeat type 1 and kelch repeat type 2.
1754P408IV;+12.5716spliced coding gene 4P408.
1764P617IV;+13.051spliced coding gene 4P617.
1774R878IV;+15.4936RAB member of Ras oncogene family-like 3.
1785B685V;-19.969spliced coding gene 5B685.
1795E63V;-8.75236Essential, phosphorylase glycogen family member.
1805E818V;-5.4923glutaredoxin 3.
1815F514V;-3.1217serine protease inhibitor, Kunitz type, likely secreted.
1825G579V;-0.6433DEAD box family member.
1835H670V;+0.74447phospholipase D3.
1845H702V;+0.77116Essential, GM12492 like.
1855H714V;+0.7833exonuclease family protein.
1865H721V;+0.7815crystal Structure Of Bovine coupling factor B like.
1885K18V;+1.9650nudix-type motif 14.
1895K260V;+2.0748protein family member, with a coiled coil domain, nematode specific.
1905K264V;+2.0825initiation factor mitochondrial.
1915K686bCHROMOSOME_V2intronless gene 5K686b.
1925K718V;+2.3282K Homology, type 1.
1935K796V;+2.3736spliced coding gene 5K796.
1945L85V;+2.5517glutaminyl-peptide cyclotransferase precursor family member.
1955L416V;+2.7831major Facilitator Superfamily protein.
1965L994V;+3.2410C-factor family member.
1975M546V;+3.7410kynurenine family member.
1985M916V;+4.099DAF-16/FOXO controlled, germline tumor affecting dct-3.
1995M974V;+4.1596ribosomal protein S11.
2005N224V;+4.4122nematode specific protein of 74 aa, coexpressed in an operon with the human low density lipoprotein receptor associated protein homolog.
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