Caenorhabditis elegans predicted gene dnj-2, encoding DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein).
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[Wormbase] This gene encodes a protein containing a DnaJ ('J') domain.
Map on chromosome IV, links to other databases and other names
Map: This gene dnj-2 maps on chomosome IV at position +5.20 (interpolated).
Links to: WormBase, RNAiDB.
Other names: The gene is also known in Wormgenes/AceView by its positional name 4M78, in Wormbase by its cosmid.number name B0035.2.
Closest AceView homologs in other species ?
The closest human gene, according to BlastP, is the AceView gene bA16L21.2.1andGNG10.
The closest mouse gene, according to BlastP, is the AceView gene 2010203O07Rik (e=3 10-42).
The closest A.thaliana gene, according to BlastP, is the AceView gene AT1G61770
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Gene dnj-2 5' 3' encoded on minus strand of chromosome IV from 11,313,951 to 11,312,413 0bp 0 Alternative mRNAs are shown aligned from 5' to 3' on a virtual genome where introns have been shrunk to a minimal length. Exon size is proportional to length, intron height reflects the number of cDNAs supporting each intron, the small numbers show the support of the introns in deep sequencing (with details in mouse-over) . Introns of the same color are identical, of different colors are different. 'Good proteins' are pink, partial or not-good proteins are yellow, uORFs are green. 5' cap or3' poly A flags show completeness of the transcript.
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4M59 D C R P dnj-1 C R 4M77 C I R P pfd-4 C R P gspd-1 D C R P C 4M87 C I P his-48 D C P his-45 D C P 4M92 C 4M60 C 4M62 C R 4M70 D I P mir-59 C R dnj-2 C 4M80 D C P his-47 D C P his-46 D C P 4M94 D C P 4M96 D C I P 4M98 5kb 0 4M59, 69 accessions, 4 variants dnj-1, 27 accessions, 3 variants 4M77, 126 accessions, 3 variants pfd-4, 35 accessions, 2 variants gspd-1, 62 accessions 4 variants 4M85, 5 accessions, 2 variants 4M87, 34 accessions his-48, 17 accessions his-45, 17 accessions 4M61, 2 accessions 4M93, 2 accessions 4M92, 0 accession 4M60, 27 accessions 4M62, 13 accessions 4M70, 307 accessions, 6 variants mir-59, 1 accession dnj-2, 0 accession 4M80, 112 accessions, 5 variants his-47, 10 accessions his-46, 10 accessions 4M94, 92 accessions 4M96, 53 accessions, 4 variants 4M98, 28 accessions, 2 variants ZOOM OUT                 D:disease, C:conserved, I:interactions, R:regulation, P:publications         Read more...
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