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HomoloGene:68393. Gene conserved in Euteleostomi Download , Links
Genes identified as putative homologs of one another during the construction of HomoloGene.

Proteins used in sequence comparisons and their conserved domain architectures.

CREBBP,  H.sapiens
CREB binding protein
2442 aa
CREBBP,  P.troglodytes
CREB binding protein
2442 aa
CREBBP,  M.mulatta
CREB binding protein
2442 aa
CREBBP,  C.lupus
CREB binding protein
2442 aa
CREBBP,  B.taurus
CREB binding protein
2435 aa
Crebbp,  M.musculus
CREB binding protein
2441 aa
Crebbp,  R.norvegicus
CREB binding protein
2444 aa
CREBBP,  G.gallus
CREB binding protein
2313 aa
crebbp,  X.tropicalis
CREB binding protein
2427 aa
crebbpa,  D.rerio
CREB binding protein a
2350 aa
crebbpb,  D.rerio
CREB binding protein b
2435 aa
LOC101884291,  D.rerio
CREB-binding protein-like
1824 aa

Protein Alignments
Protein multiple alignment, pairwise similarity scores and evolutionary distances.

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Pairwise alignments generated using BLAST
Regenerate Alignments

Phenotypic information for the genes in this entry imported from model organism databases.

Rubenstein-Taybi syndrome.

Articles associated with genes and sequences of this homology group.

Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome predisposing to non-WNT, non-SHH, group 3 medulloblastoma.
Bourdeaut F, et al. Pediatr Blood Cancer 61, 383-6 (2014).
The CH2 domain of CBP/p300 is a novel zinc finger.
Park S, et al. FEBS Lett 587, 2506-11 (2013).
Modulation of allostery by protein intrinsic disorder.
Ferreon AC, et al. Nature 498, 390-4 (2013).
Germline mosaicism in Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.
Tajir M, et al. Gene 518, 476-8 (2013).
Duplication 16p13.3 and the CREBBP gene: confirmation of the phenotype.
Demeer B, et al. Eur J Med Genet 56, 26-31 (2013).

Conserved Domains
Conserved Domains from CDD found in protein sequences by rpsblast searching.
KIX (pfam02172)
  KIX domain.
DEC-1_N (pfam04625)
  DEC-1 protein, N-terminal region.
PTZ00249 (PTZ00249)
  variable surface protein Vir28; Provisional.
DUF902 (pfam06001)
  Domain of Unknown Function (DUF902).
zf-TAZ (pfam02135)
  TAZ zinc finger.
KAT11 (pfam08214)
  Histone acetylation protein.
Fork_head_N (pfam08430)
  Forkhead N-terminal region.
Creb_binding (pfam09030)
  Creb binding.
COG5076 (COG5076)
  Transcription factor involved in chromatin remodeling, contains bromodomain [Chromatin structure and dynamics / Transcription].
ZZ (cl00295)
  Zinc finger, ZZ type. Zinc finger present in dystrophin, CBP/p300 and many other proteins. The ZZ motif coordinates one or two zinc ions and most likely participates in ligand binding or molecular scaffolding. Many proteins containing ZZ motifs have ...
KIX (pfam02172)
  KIX domain.
DUF902 (pfam06001)
  Domain of Unknown Function (DUF902).
Creb_binding (pfam09030)
  Creb binding.
Med3 (pfam11593)
  Mediator complex subunit 3 fungal.
KAT11 (cl02120)
  Histone acetylation protein.
Bromodomain (cl02556)
  Bromodomain. Bromodomains are found in many chromatin-associated proteins and in nuclear histone acetyltransferases. They interact specifically with acetylated lysine.
zf-TAZ (cl02660)
  TAZ zinc finger.

Related Homology Resources
Links to curated and computed homology information found in other databases.
Orthology group for M.musculus Crebbp includes H.sapiens CREBBP and R.norvegicus Crebbp.

Links to UniGene entries found by comparing the homologous proteins against the transcript database.

Actinopterygii - bony fishes (30 transcripts, 9 species)
Mammalia - mammals (17 transcripts, 13 species)
Cephalochordata - lancelets (3 transcripts, 1 species)
Aves - birds (2 transcripts, 2 species)
Amphibia - amphibians (2 transcripts, 2 species)
Ascidiacea - tunicates (1 transcript, 1 species)

Trematoda - flatworms (3 transcripts, 1 species)
Turbellaria - flatworms (1 transcript, 1 species)

Insecta - insects (2 transcripts, 2 species)
Arachnida - arachnids (1 transcript, 1 species)

Echinoidea - sea urchins (3 transcripts, 2 species)

Gastropoda - gastropods (2 transcripts, 2 species)

Chromadorea - nematodes (1 transcript, 1 species)




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